Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Roundup: Nothing Clever or Descriptive is Coming to Mind

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I spend a lot, a lot, of time on the internet looking at recipes. Working on the assumption that you’re here to find gluten-free, vegetarian recipes, I thought I’d share a roundup of recipes that catch my eye each week. Be sure to click the links to see the recipes.

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This week:

Book of Yum shared Breakfast Tofu Saute with Nutritional Yeast

Gluten Hates Me shared Fried Mozzarella Balls

Premeditated Leftovers shared Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Bruschetta

Gluten Free for Good shared Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cipollini Onions

Celiacs in the House shared Butternut Squash, Kale, and White Bean Patties

Simply…Gluten-Free shared Honey Fig Ricotta Flatbread

Looking for More Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes?

I recommend The Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen, by Donna Klein.

What you'll find:
  • More than 200 tasty recipes,
  • Numerous tips for succesful gluten-free cooking and baking, and
  • Nutritional information (calories, grams of protein, fat, carbs, etc.) for every recipe.


  1. What a great round-up of tantalizing recipes! Thank you for including my version of the humble Brussels sprout. I appreciate it and am thrilled to be included.

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