November 2011 Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger Sign Up

A couple months ago, Sea Maiden, the brains behind Book of Yum and the Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger event put out a call for guest hosts as she has many other activities that require her time. (Hello writing a dissertation and caring for a toddler.) I jumped at the chance. Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger has been around about 3 1/2 years. It’s the first blog event I heard of and the first one I participated in. It’s quite an honor to be hosting. I feel all grown-up. For those of you not familiar, here’s how your participate:

1) Pick a gluten-free blogger whose recipes you admire and adopt them by commenting on this post with your name, blog name and their name and blog name.

*Blogger’s recipes must all be gluten-free or have a way to sort and read ONLY gluten-free recipes.
*Please pick a different blogger every time you participate.
*Please pick a blogger that has not been adopted yet this month!

2) Pick one (or two!) of your gluten-free blogger’s recipes to try.

3) Make the recipe, photograph it, and write a post on your blog introducing the blogger and their recipe.

*Follow the recipe as written, as closely as possible. And, please don’t print their recipe on your post- just provide your reader a link to their original recipe.
*Provide a link to this event announcement page.

4) Email me at kalinda[at]wheatfreemeatfree[dot]com with your photo of the recipe, the URL of your post, name of the recipe and the URL of the original blogger’s recipe post. PLEASE SIZE PHOTO TO BE A MAXIMUM OF 500 PIXELS WIDE.

5) Post YOUR POST’s URL in a comment to this post, and if possible please try to visit two other blogger’s posts that are posted here (and comment!).

*The goal is to make this event more interactive and fun!

Sign up BEFORE November 30 (loose deadline; late sign-ups are OK)
Post your review and email me by December 9 (firm deadline, no foolin’)

If you don’t have a blog, you are still welcome to adopt a gluten-free blogger. Sign up to adopt a blogger, write a review of one of their recipes, including your name (or pen name), the recipe URL and recipe title. Then take a photo of the completed recipe (if you can) and EMAIL ME the review and photo. I will include the review and photo in the roundup post.

One of the perks of being the host is that I get first choice of who to adopt. I choose Shirley of Gluten Free Easily! Now it’s your turn.

Adoption Sign-Up List:

  1. Shirley of Gluten Free Easily (Adopted by Me)
  2. Hallie of Daily Bites (Adopted by Shirley of Gluten Free Easily)
  3. Sea of Book of Yum (Adopted by Alta of Tasty Eats At Home)
  4. Julie Lynn of Gluten-Free Vegan Family (Adopted by Jen of The RA Vegan)
  5. Katie of Chocolate Covered Katie (Adopted by Lauren of As Good As Gluten)
  6. Beth of Tasty Yummies (Adopted by Sea of Book of Yum)
  7. Heidi of Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom (Adopted by Paula of Live Free, Gluten Free)
  8. Kim of Cook It Allergy Free (Adopted by Nancy of Gluten Free Travels)
  9. Vicky of Gluten Free SCD and Veggie (Adopted by Valerie of City|Life|Eats)
  10. Iris of The Daily Dietribe (Adopted by Sunita of Growing Healthy)

If you sign up and cannot complete this event by December 9th, please email me immediately at and let me know.

I look forward to seeing your adoptions. :)

Looking for More Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes?

Take a look at my book, The Wheat-Free Meat-Free Cookbook: 100 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes.

A sampling of the recipes included:
  • Breakfasts: Cinnamon Quinoa Muffins, Yeasted Waffles, Gooey Butter Cake,
  • Sides: Patatas Bravas, Pea and New Potato Salad, Braised Celery,
  • Mains: Corn Waffle Sandwiches, Enchiladas with Green Sauce, Pesto Asparagus Galette, and
  • Desserts: Blueberry Mango Crisp, Baklava Rolls, Amaretto Cake.

You can see the full recipe list on the Amazon page.


  1. Kalinda, you’ve brought a big smile to my face this morning … thanks so much for adopting me! :-)

    Well, I had to bow out of adopting Hallie (Daily Bites) last month, so I’d like to honor that commitment this month instead.

    Thanks so much for hosting, too! I always love participating in this event. Sea does a lovely job (3 1/2 yrs, wow!), but it’s fun to visit others’ blogs for the event, too. ;-)


  2. I’m going to adopt Sea at Book of Yum! Thanks for hosting this month, Kalinda!

  3. I am not a strictly gluten free blogger myself but I am starting to transition that way so I want to participate! I want Fayinagirl of Gluten Free Vegan Family. Looking forward to trying some of her recipes plus reading what others try!


  4. I’d like to adopt Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie (

    She’s not a dedicated gluten-free blogger, but has gluten-free and allergy friendly recipes – one of which I fell in love with this weekend.

    Lauren @ As Good As Gluten

  5. Wonderful! Kalinda you have saved my life this month, thank you so much for hosting. I’m going to be spoiled after a two month vacation! I’d like to adopt Beth of Tasty Yummies.


  6. I’d like to adopt Heidi at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom.

  7. I’ve adopted Kim’s site at
    I prepared her Gluten free Candied Apple Cranberry Upside-Down Cake.
    It was moist and tasty. It passed my ultimate taste test by having my non-gluten free husband rushing back for seconds; he enjoyed it so much.

  8. Just posted my blog entry. I did Gluten-Free Churros and they were fantastic!

  9. I would like to adopt Vicky of Gluten Free SCD and Veggie

  10. I’d like to adopt Iris of The Daily Dietribe. Thanks!

  11. hi, my blogs been around for awhile but I’m new to the gluten free cooking so my blog is slowly becoming more gluten free. I’d love to participate next month if possible. How can I find out how to do that? Thanks!

    • The event is run by Sea of Book of Yum. I haven’t heard anything about who’s hosting next month, so my best suggestion is to pay attention to her site for announcements.

      I’ll also add that if you think you can get an adoption done by Friday, I’ll be happy to include it.

  12. The past few days of breakfasts have been so nice thanks to Iris at The Daily Dietribe! I adopted her and three of her breakfast recipes (and raved about them) at:

  13. I had lots of calamities but, in the end, enjoyed some fabulous tropical blondies thanks to “Gluten Free Vegan Family!”

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